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Monday 22 August 2011

Back in Shangri-La

Newark, where the cars stop with a smile before you even set a toe on the zebra crossing, whe traffic wardens smile and say hello, and eveyone in the shops calls you love.

I make an exception for the Trent from my general loathing of river Navigations, and I think this morning the nicest stretch (reach?) was between Gunthorpe and Hazelford in the hazy sunshine. The rain has still held off so far although a downpour is promised for tomorrow and hailstorms for Wednesday.

As soon as we got tied up below the lock we got into conversation with a couple who, amazingky, turned out to be the new owners of Le Fortune, that wonderful but slightly on the large side boat we looked at in Thorne. Either it is a very small world or I attract boat-related coincidences.

Anyway, we are off in a minute to meet Izzy and Dave (Bath); tomorrow we might hide from the weather by visiting the local museum. First off though we will be miving to a new mooring spot as there is a fairground setting up on the park immediately adjacent to us. Ah well, even Newark isn't perfect.

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