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Thursday, 25 August 2011

High tech; low tech... And a new boat

It's a strange mixture of the two, as I sit writing this on the iPad, by the light of the Tilley lamp. Low tech washing; high tech communications.

Today I set off in search of a replacement 12volt charger for Jim's phone (because he left it at home!), and when we eventually found one (it was a harder task than I expected) I got round to organising the little bit of the clothes cupboard where the 12 volt socket lives.

Then we went back to Porters for some of their smoked pork and bacon sausages (Simon and Carrie, look away now... sorry). The man in the shop said that the best way to cook them was in a casserole. I didn't have the stove lit so I did the next best thing and made a stew on the Beatrice. It is really fantastic for slow cooking, and simmered away happily for an hour, after I softened some onions, added the sausages, and after they'd fried for a bit, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of butterbeans.

It was marvellous, and we washed it down with a couple of bottles from the Real Ale Store. Sorry to be banging on sickeningly about how marvellous everything is, but that's just the effect Newark has. Today's market was antiques, and I'm afraid we picked up a bit of wholly excessive bling for the boat. I forgot to take a photo so I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Jim spent the afternoon touching up bits of paintwork that had been missed or damaged, and gave the back end bulkhead a coat of Danboline. I'm glad I stuck to my guns against elephant's toenails though - it's a livery of straight and simple lines, on the whole.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention... Jim's revised offer for Singapore II was accepted this afternoon... We a a two boat family again. So that'll be exciting.

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  1. Sane people wouldn't even consider having two boats.......

    ....... Oh, hang on, wait a minute........

    Alan and Cath

  2. Must admit i don't know Newark but it sounds good.Ever thought of moving up there and only living part time on boats? If Singapore needs some fair amount of work then you are going to be very busy indeed.Good luck with it all.
    best wishes madcat