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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Thank you, Magnetman!

As promised, we spent a quiet day at West Stockwith today. We took a pleasant walk up the towpath into Misterton - about a mile - and went to the Co-op. There is a profusion of elderberries here and as I have realised that there is half a bottle of red wine in the cupboard that wasn't much good to start with and is surely vinegar by now, and can be thrown away, vacating a screw top bottle, I was determined to make some of Carrie's elderberry cordial. The Co-op however has cinnamon sticks, but, for some reason, no cloves. I am a big fan of cloves and am wondering whether it is worth making the cordial without them. I think I shall try. I can always make another batch later if I do find some.. and another bottle.

I also did another lot of washing today, and disaster almost struck. I'd briefly left my shopping bag/washing basket on the back end boards with the Typhoo tea tin in which I keep the pegs insi it. A little gust of wind and I turned just in time to see the tin floating in the canal. By the time I'd got hold of the keb, it had disappeared. The bag floated into the bank where it was retrieved by Jim, but my lovely tin had sunk out of site. Without holding out much hope, I got the magnet that I'd bought from Magnetman (as a present for Jim) and started fishing. Trouble was, I had no idea how far the tin had drifted before sinking, as I'd been trying to fetch the keb instead of watching it. But I struck lucky! After only a dozen or so casts, I hauled it up, still with the lid on and the pegs inside.

Stop press.. Jim's just come back from the shower and tells me I just missed seeing the aegir. Damn. Apparently there was quite a crowd. Still, I did see a loaded graveller coming down this afternoon and that was a magnificent sight.

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  1. Have you tried putting a few cloves and a bit of cinnamon stick in with rice when you boil it up for a curry? Lovely, especially with a spoonful of turmeric too.