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Tuesday 28 September 2010

Three quarters of the way

I started out in January with the intention of posting on the blog every day - and so far, allowing for a (very) few postdated posts, I've achieved that. OK, there may have been a cost in terms of the mind numbing triviality of some of the stuff I filled the space with, but you could come and look and find something new every day. Obsessed as I am with my chart position, this had to be a good thing, I thought.

The trouble is, I'm not sure I can keep it up for another three months, especially now that things have gone a bit quiet on the Chertsey front, what with winter nearly upon us and all (though we are going up this weekend, not that any great excitement is planned), and masses of stuff to do at work (as in so many cases, essential savings are being made by cutting part time and temporary staff and transferring the workload to the permanent ones, of whom I'm lucky enough to be one).

Then, at the end of the year, I had it in mind that I would stop blogging. Leave 'em wanting more, go out on a high note, and recover a bit more of a private existence and a lot more time not glued to the computer screen.

That too has its downside though - there is still important (and photogenic!) stuff to do to Chertsey, most notably the gunnels, other woodwork, cloths and painting - all very visual - and none of it is likely to happen before the end of 2010. Also, people I have mentioned this idea to have been kind enough to beg and plead with me (OK, I exaggerate a bit) not to leave the blogosphere, which is very nice, and I don't want to be hard hearted.

Finally, from when I first started blogging Warrior (in the spring of 2006!), an important function of the blog was to act as a record for myself of work done and places been. Looking back over those old posts, there's so much there that would have been forgotten if I hadn't had this motivation to write it down.

So... I have decided (I think) on a sort of compromise with myself. After the end of September, I will try to resist the compulsion to post every day, and will only post when there is something Chertsey related to report, or something that otherwise leaps out at me. And I won't stop at the end of the year, but will carry on posting intermittently as and when there is something to post. And if I hit they 'publish' button now, I'm committed, arent I. And sod the chart position. I'll go and count rivets instead.


  1. I thought(know) that you count rivets not matter what the circumstances/distraction.

  2. Sarah,

    I look forward to welcoming you to the other end of the chart positions, it is a quiet lonely isolated place that my lack of blogging brought me to. I think you have made a wise decision. I like the fact I have a pictorial diary of sorts of my boat time, if others like it so much the better, but on those cold wet windy days at work (lunch time of course of you have one of those) you can relive your passion.

    Take care might see you at the weekend as we should be on Waterlily either at Fradley, just below Kings Bromley where we were before or at Great Haywood !!


  3. Loved your photo Nev. Couldn't leave a comment because for some reason my work computer wouldn't display the wavy word.

  4. Good decision. No reason why you should blog every day. Rivets, pub ceilings and the occasional rant, that's all I ask. Cheers.

  5. can I suggest that Chertsey events and maybe a weekly post on anything interesting if no Chertsey news.Halsall and I would miss you if you vanished and would be left wondering how Chertsey was doing.I couldnt commit to a daily diary so I do understand that you would quite like a bit more of your life back.
    very best wishes from madcat

  6. Thank you for not abandoning the blog. I don't mind as much that you won't be posting daily as I would if you gave it up entirely!!! I'll continue to watch and boat vicariously from "across the pond." Bill and I will be especially interested to read about your exploits when you go to some of the areas which we know well.

  7. Hi Sarah,

    I read with interest about your 'obsession with your chart position'. I wouldn't worry too much about that anymore! There's a blogger we know, who is ranked 14 on the chart and her only points of boating interest are when she and her partner venture across the marina, to have a pump out and back.

    Chart postition means nothing, content is everything!