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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Sawley thrashed

The Great Trent Thrash Day 2:
Stretton (yes, another one, near Burton this time) to Sawley

Collisions: none (good)
Groundings: 3, two in very quick succession. Thanks to Antelope, the two guys from up the Ashby, and the man on the Canaltime boat - we won't tell them, I promise!
Injuries: One very bruised little finger (mine).
Shouting matches: Many. In fact, I'm hoarse.
Nice pub meals: One, at the Navigation Inn at the bottom of the Erewash. And a consummately professional barmaid.
Sandwiches: Breakfast and lunch
Electric locks: 1
Totally unexpected electric locks: 1
Cups of tea: 2, both before 8.30 a.m. Jim has decided that Chertsey's main drawback cf. Warrior is the lack of tea-on-demand.
Caffeine withdrawal headaches: 1. Seriously considering a spoonful of instant coffee granules before bed. Do they dissolve in cold water?

PS. I have no idea what that black line is across the photo. It isn't in the original, I must have inadvertently introduced it whilst ensmallening it, but I can't be bothered now... just imagine it away.

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  1. Well I do know that Resolve (crucially containing caffeine) does dissolve in cold water. A small bunch of reprobates once had to scoop water out of the puddles at the car park below Scafell Pike, prior to the great ascent. Of course the prime advantage of Resolve as a headache cure, is the pre-preparation.