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Saturday 14 August 2010

So uneventful, I forgot to give it a title

The Great Trent Thrash (interrupted): The last little bit
Fradley to Kings Bromley Wharf

Just a few more hours boating, then, brought us, faster and more confident, back to Kings Bromley where we were met by Blossom; his help in tying up was also much appreciated, as the facilities for tying to are somewhat ad hoc, but at least we now have some plans for improving on one better utilising what's there.

We started out bright but not too early, collecting provisions from the shop next to the Swan, where I finally met Viv Scragg properly, which was nice, and she sold me some muesli and I was the customer this week for the one copy of the Guardian. If we are planning to come by in the future though, I am to give them a ring and they will get one in specially. Then we moved on up to the Facilities, for the final Emptying of the Elsan ceremony. We weren't sure whether we would be able to hold our heads up at Shardlow, when John kindly made his manhole available, having a Porta-Potti rather than a bucket, but fortunately we weren't alone. Anyway, our Porta-Potti was a very welcome gift from an anonymous donor, and I can now categorically state, having tried both, that the Thetford original is vastly superior to the upstart Elsan Visa-Potti (who was paid to come up with that name, I wonder). And that's enough toilets for now, although it is a subject on which I could find more to say at a future date.

And thus we made our uneventful way back to Kings Bromley, drove back to Shardlow, collected the other car and drove back again, packed up and drove home, through one of the heaviest downpours I have ever experienced; visibility was absolutely zero, but fortunately it was very brief. And soon, once again, I shall run out of things to write about and the blog will be filled with shameless padding again.

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