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Monday 2 August 2010

Gone for a Burton

The Great Trent Thrash Day 1
Kings Bromley Wharf to somewhere just beyond Burton on Trent

After an unpromising start it turned out to be a lovely hot day. Shame I'd committed to wearing long trousers and a black t-shirt. After completing a few little jobs (most importantly getting the engine room floors back in) we left at ten, mooched up to the marina entrance, executed a pretty damn good wind, and then I asked Jim, did you bring the VHF? Shit!!!! I left it in the car hidden under the seat. So we had to spoil out smooth passage by trying to get back Chertsey back into its space, which was not achieved very gracefully, just as a man with a nice David Harris tug came by, that he had been going to show us, but we were too busy being chaotic to stop and look.

Other than that the day has gone very well, plenty of water too for a change. I haven't added up the miles and locks but you can work that out for yourself if you're really interested. Highlights included seeing a dutch barge style narrowboat called Clara Belle which, if it was to be believed, hailed from Bridge Wharf, Lewes! Shame they weren't on board, we could have had a nice chat about the merits of Harveys. It was also nice to see fields full of lovely old fashioned golden square bales of straw, not black shrink wrapped sausages. Can feel the summer coming to an end already though; the golden hay, and the blackberries starting to ripen. Real summer is in June, I have concluded, when most years I have to work!

Hopefully we can get an early start tomorrow as we want to meet up with Dave and Izzy in Newark, and also, Dr Duct and, hmm, Mrs Duct? I think not... are going to try and catch up with us. They're available on a certain date; I just have to work out where we're likely to be then.

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