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Monday 2 April 2012

Travels with my cat

Day 1: Stretton to Wightwick

So far, so good. Left Stretton with Plover at lunchtime and put in a short afternoon to arrive in Wightwick at about quarter to six. Willow was shut up safely in the cat containment facility he wasn't distressed or worried, but he made his feelings plain. When we stopped, we let him out and he wandered about, hissing at dogs and ingratiating himself with people, but on the whole behaved very well. Buckden came along in the opposite direction, en route to Ellesmere Port and tied up with us, and after eating (our dinner included the baked potato that wasn't quite done at lunchtime, plus some splendid purple sprouting broccoli from Iain and Clair's garden) we popped Willow back in the back cabin and went off to the Mermaid (a pub very much in the same vein as the Swan and Bottle at Uxbridge and numerous others, with matching olde beams and chamingly mismatched furniture, but there was nothing wrong with the Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted and we had a nice evening. I am now writing this on the table flap whilst Willow, having finished his supper, sits on his special cushion and has a wash, but I shan't be able to post it until I can open the hatches in the morning and get a signal.

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