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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Things to do on a wet Sunday in Wolverhampton

Help Alan and Cath on Sickle up the Wolverhampton 21 locks, of course. We parked in the Broad Street car park (free on Sunday!), walked down to Aldersley junction, noting with relief that no one else was coming up.

It wasn't long before Sickle appeared, and with Jim setting the locks ahead, and Cath and I working them like a (reasonably) well oiled machine, we were at the top in an hour and fifty minutes. I reckon this could be bettered, but not by much. But what's your best time? (Blossom in particular....?)

We were well wrapped up and waterproofed but the weather wasn't quite as wet and windy as the Cassandras predicted, although it got quite fierce again once we got back to the yard, so I hope Sickle makes it to the Black Country Museum soon!

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  1. Jim & Sarah - I think it hardly does without saying that we can't adequately thank you both for the superb assistance rendered on this foulest of days. Not just for the effort with "the 21", but also to Jim for retrieving us (and bikes) from Penkridge station later on, and for the countless mugs of hot tea.

    Some pictures of the mornings run up the locks here.....