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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Tat teapot treasure

Whilst the organ recital was brilliant, for me, probably the most entertaining part of the weekend was the tat auction. It lasted about five hours, and around a hundred and fifty lots were sold, with much amusement along the way.

Whilst Amy and James went back to Cambridge with a lump of rock they paid fifty pee for the privilege of returning to its natural habitat, I spent £17.50 and came away with four purchases I was very pleased with. There was only one thing I wanted but didn't get, because the bidding went too high, some rugs, which would have been very nice on Bakewell but weren't vital.

This teapot is the perfect one I have been looking for for ages - not too big, and not too small (four mugfuls); aluminium, so it can sit on the stove to keep hot, but with a plastic handle so you don't need a cloth to pick it up, and a perfect period piece. It came with two nice little old aluminium frying pans, and all for fifty pence. Mine was the only bid, actually.

The other three things I will post about as I use them, because they will all get used, but in short they were a length of fat cotton (I'm reasonably sure) line just right for making cross straps, a holdall (but wait til you see it!), and a set of window cloths - at four pounds probably the biggest bargain of all (I say probably because I've not unfolded them yet, but the look pretty sound, if a trifle smelly, and are reputed to be ex-Union Canal Carriers camping boats.

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  1. Oh, you got the holdall? Complete with socks? Brilliant! The rock is still in my hand bag...