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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Welcome to Willow's wonderful world 2

The Bathroom

Willow doesn't himself have much interest in the bathroom, especially as 'it doesn't even have a proper toilet you can drink out of', but he recognises the importance of providing little luxuries when it comes to recruiting and retaining high quality staff. Housekeeper Sarah is delighted with the facilities. 'This is the first boat I've ever had where you could actually have a proper shower', she enthuses. 'It feels terribly decadent'. The water is heated by the back boiler on the Squirrel stove, via a simple convection system which also runs a heated pipe through the bathroom.

Jim, Willow's general factotum and personal grooming assistant, has made a few minor adjustments, today, for example, repairing the bath taps so that the cold tap can actually be used - a necessity now that the water is getting properly hot. He has also fitted some new towel rails - Willow understands that humans can never have too many of these, and anyway, they were in the bargain bin at B&Q - a new shower curtain rail, a rail to stop bottles slipping off the shelf, and another on the ceiling from which to suspend small items of washing. Willow licks his feet and looks on indulgently at this strange necessity.

Boat bathrooms are of course notoriously difficult to photograph, and these little snaps really don't do it justice.

1 comment:

  1. If that is a genuine working boat "bathroom", where is the engine then ?

    You are not being entirely honest are you - Bakewell is starting to look like a rather nice luxury flat!

    Seriously though, I knew nothing about the inside of her - from the pictures you have bought rather more than I expected - looks really good!