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Sunday 22 January 2012

Licence talk is really boring isn't it

There is probably something that is more boring to hear bloggers talking about than the process of licencing their boat, and that is hearing them talk about how they get online, and the problems they have with their dongle/software/internet provider. So I (rashly) promise I will never bore you with that (even though it is being 'interesting' at the moment), if you will bear with me for one last heartwarming licencing story, in which NOTHING GOES WRONG SHOCK HORROR!!!

Chertsey was licenced in June 2010, for the first time since 1983. You may recall it took quite a while to sort out, although this was mainly owing to my insistence on keeping its original five-digit index number. Bakewell's licence was due for renewal at the end of December. But here's the catch. A butty, with a nominated motor boat without which it never goes anywhere, gets a 50% discount, but only if both the motor's and the butty's licences run concurrently. I thought this was going to be a nightmare, and initially rang BW with a sinking heart. But no! The lovely Joelle worked out all the sums for me, and said that if I sent back Chertsey's old licence and applied for a refund, this would then be subtracted from the cost of the new licence and the butty licence, and a cheque for seven hundred and something pounds would sort me out til the end of next December. The sums included Bakewell's 50% butty discount, Chertsey's 10% historic discount (which Bakewell doesn't qualify for on account of being converted), and, somehow, the fact that Bakewell is registered as being under 70' long (well, I didn't want to confuse matters by arguing about it).

We picked the licences up at the post office the other day and are now not only legal but seen to be so. What's more, I now get two votes in the C&RT election! (If they ever get round to holding it.)


  1. I wouldn't count on those two votes!

    I'm basing that on having 2 licensed boats, but only getting one letter about candidates wanted for the elections.

    It seems like the "no historic boat discount" may be one of the few disadvantages of Bakewell over Bodmin ? I think with an "under cloth conversion" you might have been able to claim it ?

    Another oddity, as I understand it, is that an "Admiral" or "River" class boat, even if in truly "original" trading condition wouldn't get it, because they were built after the 1948 date of nationalisation of the waterways

  2. Well, I'm not bored with dongle discussions, internet investigations or service provider summaries. Just thought I'd say.

    You tease with your talk of your getting online being "interesting"!