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Sunday 4 September 2011

Recovering from my holiday

Well, the party's over for the time being, most people have gone home and all is quiet again. But for a weekend of such gentle activities, it's been quite exhausting. I guess it's the unaccuatomed socialising. And possible the beer.

After our lovely tea (most definitely not dinner) yesterday evening, it was off to the beer tent to be entertained by the East Riding of Yorkshire Brass Band. They were very good, but it was a bit disappointing that they performed more show and film tunes than traditional brass band pieces. Jim wanted to hear a good stirring march. There were three beers on, and a fourth in serve, and by the end of the evening they we all gone. We were gone befo that though; after Friday's late night we could scarcely keep our eyes open.

This morning, a full English breakfast was served in the clubhouse, all cooked in a tiny kitchen by the clearly much loved (and for good reason) 'Nana'. By the time that was finished, it was time for the duck race. This was rather entertaining, not having been attempted before. The plastic ducks were launched into the canal, with the finishing line being the bridge. As there's no flow, it was decided to provide some assistance by the nearest two boats running their engines in gear. This provided an interesting lesson in hydrodynamics as the ducks all graciously described a 180 degree turn and set off up the canal instead. The three that got the furthest in the right direction (about two yards) were awarded prizes, as was the one which got furthest towards Retford. They were then gathered up in a big net by some boys in a rowing boat.

Then it was time for the raffle. My carefully purchased tickets failed to win anything but it was exciting nonetheless. The we decided to give the bingo a miss and came back for a cup of tea and a slice of Linda's coffee cake, which also unaccountably hadn't won a prize. The drizzle which dampened the morning's activities (but not our spirits, oh no) cleared just as everyone went home. We said goodbye to Adrian and Linda, who have been such marvellous hosts, and spent the afternoon sitting quietly recovering. Although Jim did adjust the throttle and I put some Fablon on the table flap and the top shelf above it. Tomorrow we set off for Retford. Thanks to everyone at the Retford and Worksop Boat Club for making us so welcome and for putting on such a splendid weekend's activities.

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  1. Delighted to meet you over the weekend

    Pat & Graham and the dogs