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Friday 30 September 2011

A change of scene

Having a lovely holiday... Picked up Singapore yesterday, took her from Thorpe St. Andrew to Brundall where we arrived ten minutes too latebto get diesel, but that meant we could spend all night on the diesle wharf, so that was ok. We went to the Yare pub for dinner which was not at all bad, and had a shower, which wasn't bad either, but nor should it have been seeing that it cost a pound, as it seems do most things on the Broads.

We set off this morning after filling up (at £1.21 a litre!) while is was still magically misty, and after a gorgeous day we are now at Reedham, Where the Lord Nelson was pretty dreadful but the Ship was OK, and we have just celebrated Jim's birthday there. Tomorrow onwards to Lowestoft where we are meeting Moomin tomorrow, and then on Sunday, Graham, who is going to pilot us to Walton.

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  1. adrian and Linda1 October 2011 at 06:46

    Happy Birthday Jim, jolly good boating weather