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Friday 8 July 2011

More hecticness

Hectic times at work as we enter the season of exam boards and discover things that should have been done four years ago need doing NOW, tracking down marks in a system generously described as Byzantine, rounding up people and mollifying external examiners... And of course all go on the boat front too which means for the last few weeks my feet have hardly touched the ground between weekdays at work and weekends boating.

This weekend again we shall be off, firstly to Bill Fen, for the handover of Warrior to Adrian and Linda on Saturday. On the way we shall stop at Craftmaster's new works at Over (very handily placed) and collect the paint for Chertsey. Then after the handover we'll leave Adrian and Linda, and Warrior, at Bill Fen and drive over to Alvecote to drop off the paint with Martin, and just maybe have a pint or two, but then it's home again on Sunday ready for work bright and early on Monday.

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