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Thursday 7 July 2011

A bouquet for Braden Motors

Do you recall we had a bit of a car saga just before setting off for Braunston, the first time, necessitating another few hours on the phone swapping the insurance around. The problem was that Fang's (well, when you've got three cars that are essentially the same, you have to differentiate somehow, hence Bluebird, Fang and Tufty. In the past there have also been Trusty Volvo, Thrusty Volvo, Rusty Volvo, Snowball, the Silver Beast and the Flying Brick. And there was Crusty Volvo, but that was an honorary title for the CF Dormobile camper)... Fang's automatic gearbox's high pressure oil cooler pipe had sprung - or decided to reveal - a leak.

Chances of repairing it: nil. Chances of getting a new one: nil. Chances of getting a second hand one: slim; it's a vulnerable and unwieldy bit of kit which is unlikely to survive long at a car breaker's. Nothing ventured, however, and Jim rang up Braden Motors. We've dealt with them before for both new and second hand Volvo spares and have never been disappointed with their efficient, cheerful and friendly service. This time, their chap (it might have been Terry) said he'd have a look, and when he rang back to say yes, he'd found us a set, I agreed there and then to buy it, and gave him my card details. Then when Jim got back from the shops I asked him how much he'd been quoted. No idea, he said, I didn't ask.

The next day a parcel arrived from far-off Hackney. A big cardboard box which must have been 5' x 2'6 x 8". In it were two long, spindly, oil cooler pipes, lovingly packed, and an invoice for about twenty quid, plus six quid p&p. Absolutely brilliant.

So as it's nice to be able to say good things about a company and its service, I thought I'd write this to say how super Braden Motors are.

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