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Monday 11 July 2011

Farewell to Warrior

On Friday we went over to Bill Fen to prepare Warrior for the handover to Adrian and Linda, the new owners. It was sad to be saying goodbye to a boat we'd put so much into, but it also felt right passing it one to someone else who'd fallen in love with it at first sight, just as we did.

Perhaps unwisely, we left the final pumpout until Saturday morning, only to discover that the weed in the marina made it impossible to reverse. So Warrior's new owners arrived to see us poling the boat across the lagoon (and wondered if we'd taken the engine out!) and then became better acquainted with the rather arcane Bill Fen pumpout than they had perhaps intended.

After Jim had gone over everything again, and I explained where I'd hidden the fire extinguishers, it was time to take our final leave.

Over to you Adrain and Linda, and I hope you have many happy years cruising on Warrior.

(and let me know if you want to take the blog over - I'm sure it can be arranged as it's on a separate account from this one!)

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  1. Aidrian and Linda are the most marvelous couple, the only ones suitable to sell Warrior to. No one else came close. Even John and Lyn approved although there we3re several tears in several eyes last Saturday. Best of luck to you both.