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Monday 6 June 2011

In situ

They need to come home again for a good clean (they've been lacquered at some point) but I couldn't resist posting a photo of my new hanging rails. Could have been made to measure! Imagine them all Brassoed and the ancient worn iron links blacked with stove polish. Now, I can no longer get the kettle on top of the Primus on top of the stove (well, not without a bit of a wriggle) but that's a price worth paying.

Please ignore the removable light fitting that I somehow failed to remove - brilliant they are, from B&Q; I've got four of them, they take AA batteries which last a good long while, have 27 LEDs each, and a hook to dangle from and a magnet to attach to the iron frames in the cabin. Best of all they can be moved about, carried in a handbag for use as a torch, and removed entirely for that traditional look in photos. When I remember.

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