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Sunday 6 June 2010

So far so good

Well, stage one was achieved without a hitch - we collected the engine in the trailer and got it safely to Stretton. Just a few more jobs to do now before it can go in. I've started this morning by hoovering the water out of the engine hole, just letting it dry now before cleaning it up ready for a final coat of paint.

We have now also turned our minds to the little matter of the boat safety certificate - something I would imagine has never troubled Chertsey before, seeing as it was last licenced in 1983. I'd thought of the fuel system, electrics and stove installation, but hadn't really given any thought to ventilation, where we may well have a bit of a problem, inasmuch as there isn't much and 'leaving the hatch open' doesn't meet the BSS's standards.... So we are now planning on reinstating the 'letter box' vents which should be high up on the cabin side, towards the back. Jim is currently putting in the heatproof board behind the stovepipe (it's already been installed all around the stove) and this will be covered by a piece of that super copper he found in Ely. Meanwhile, I have to find some new batteries for the camera.


  1. I'm pretty sure ventilation is now only "advisory" under the BSC and you won't need to meet the standards for a licence but you probably will for anything other than bssic insurance. Letter box vents (Woolwich style now difficult to get hold of but still available from Brinklow) will in any case be classed as "high level" ventilation and you already have a mushroom vent. You don't want to put "low level" brass grilles in the bottom of your cabin doors, do you? Looks naff, not really low level enough and very draughty on a windy day.

    So maybe one less job for you.

  2. I had Ariel surveyed in February and the surveyor said that the low level venilation was sorted out by the draught coming in from the engine room and up behind the coal box where there is a gap to the stern greaser. I do have the Yarwoods style letterbox vents too though, aswell as a mushroom vent in the cabin top.

  3. As said earlier ventalatinon is only advisary but you don't want to die from afixiation. I would follow Liam's lead and look for internal ventilation routes.