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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Long round trip for a short weekend

I've just totted up that over the past two and a bit weeks, we've driven 810 miles in order to enjoy the weekend at Braunston - and it would have been further if Jim hadn't been starting from Sheffield. That's for what is basically - Sheffield-Braunston - a ninety mile journey. First we brought two cars to Braunston, then returned in one of them to Alvecote* (Braunston-Alvecote = 45 miles). Then we brought the boat to Braunston, and took the car back to Sheffield. The following weekend we drove from Sheffield for the Braunston weekend, then back on Sunday. Then on Friday, back to Braunston, fetch the boat back to Alvecote, pick up the car there, drive to Braunston, then take both cars back to Sheffield.

We probably won't be back on the boat now until the end of August, when the plan is to visit the Ashby at last, before returning for the Alvecote Bank Holiday do - house permitting!

*Not counting going back for Jim's wallet.

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