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Sunday 9 July 2017

Kitchen capers

Lots of things in the house are nearing completion, but all currently still works in progress. Here's a taste of progress so far on the kitchen:
As it was when I first viewed the house

At the beginning of June

It's a small galley style kitchen, what they call here 'offshot', and as such rather desirable, apparently. It's an extension to the original house, with a mono pitched roof. A further extension beyond the kitchen houses a lobby with the back door, and beyond that, the downstairs toilet. The kitchen is ten feet long and 6'3 wide - dimensions I have some experience of (although I can't find a photo of Bakewell's kitchen right now with which to illustrate it).

The somewhat overbearing presence of the boiler has been removed to the downstairs loo, and I have gone for fewer, less mega-tall wall cupboards - the remainder of the wall space will be open shelves. I've got a gas hob (again for the first time since Bakewell), and a white china sink with integral drainer, when they send the right one on Tuesday.

Tomorrow we are off to Sheffield's largest tile emporium to see if I can improve in any way upon the tiles I fell in love with a few weeks ago in a little local shop. Gorgeous, but small (and thus apparently harder to lay successfully on a less than perfectly even surface) and rather expensive, and £60 a metre. Jim is hoping I will choose something larger... I'm wondering if I might find something cheaper. We also need to try to match the bathroom tiles - super-boring 8x10 slightly undulating white, no doubt the ubiquitous trade tile a decade ago but Jim hasn't had any success so far.

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