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Friday 7 July 2017

Bad Karma

When Body Shop stopped selling their Sandalwood perfume oil (why??? oh why???) many years ago, I shopped around for a replacement and settled on Lush's Karma range. I'd  buy the eau de cologne and the 'bubble bars', which render the water a satisfyingly hippyish purple, and one sitting on a saucer in the bottom of the wardrobe, waiting its turn to be dissolved, made excellent pot pourri.

There was always a hitch though - the spectacularly over-attentive staff in the shop. You can never just browse in there - not only does someone immediately leap out to assist you, they want to have a chat as well. I found it a very oppressive experience. So I took to ordering online - where I could get a bigger, better value bottle of perfume too. The trouble with that is that you have to compile a password worthy of Fort Knox, just to buy some smellies. Last time - when I was about to spend £83 (!!) - it appeared I'd forgotten it. I couldn't check out without logging in, of course, and by the time I'd set a new one, I'd been locked out for too many unsuccessful attempts with the old one (they didn't bother telling me that before I set the new one). It may not seem much, but it was enough to bring me to my senses - eighty plus quid on some smelly water and a few lumps of epsom salts and purple dye - and to end my relationship with Lush (yes, I know they're kind to animals, but they're pretty precious about that too).

So I'm now looking round for a new smell - or hopefully an old one; I'll be going back to sandalwood if I can find a nice one.

I keep meaning to blog about the house but I keep forgetting to take pictures.

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  1. I'm fairly misanthropic at the best of times and I absolutely detest being offered unsolicited "help' in shops. This has driven me online or to M&S for clothing.

    When I was still working a Lush shop opened near the office and for months I thought it was an ice cream shop and wondered where the smell was coming from.