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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Braunston bound

Work on the house means that some boating plans for this year have had to be shelved, or at least postponed - but the Braunston show is one thing I shan't miss. I've been, one way or another, every year since 2006, and took Chertsey every year from 2010 - 2015. We couldn't get Chertsey there last year, although I still managed to get myself there to spend the weekend as Mike's guest on Banstead. Now Chertsey lives at Alvecote though, it's a weekend trip to Braunston, so there's no excuse.

Unfortunately, I can't get any time off work around the weekend of the rally, so it will be a case of one weekend (that being next weekend) to get the boat there, one weekend there, and another weekend to bring it back, and lots of driving.

I shall make up for this year's lack of boating by hatching ever more adventurous plans for next year.

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