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Friday, 1 April 2016

Ten years a blogger

Exactly ten years ago, I became a blogger, with this, in itself rather unremarkable, but undoubtedly historically significant, post.

Since then, another 1,758 posts have followed. Peak posting was in 2010 - the first full year of having Chertsey - with 298 posts in total. My posting rate has dropped steadily since then despite many resolutions to do better, falling to a pathetic all time low of 44 in 2015. I said last year that I would wind the blog up after ten years... I don't want to do that though - but neither do I want it to drag on in its recent moribund state.

I have an idea for a new blog, covering my boating experiences, but with a broader remit than boating alone. My blogging hero of course is Diamond Geezer, with his daily posts on an idiosyncratic but always interesting mix of London life and everyday life itself (with a current focus on Bow Road's Bus Stop M). There is no reason, I tell myself, why I couldn't do this. DG and I are the same age, both work full time and live alone in a city... and I could certainly do with getting out more.

I am rather busy and away from my computer for the next week or so, but I've decided that I'm not going away, so watch this space for further developments.


  1. A number of years ago now you directed me to DG's site, I've been an avid follower ever since. I went to DG because having enjoyed your blog so very much, (pre chertsey, as well as since) I trusted your judgement and have not been proved wrong. I sincerely hope you continue to blog as you describe, but if you don't, at least you guided me to DG!

  2. .... April 1st :-) .....................Of course I (we) want to hear from you and your life observations, and we need to see you out and about more on your boat. I blogged recently that we seemed to be loosing bloggers so keep blogging.

  3. Good. I'm glad you have decided to carry on, and you will be enjoyed whatever form your blog takes. Like Ann, I have become a fan of DG thanks to you. I think it would be quite difficult to match his output!
    Kath (nb Herbie)