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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Tired out

Oh dear, even though there was a good signal at Ellesmere Port, I was too busy enjoying myself to blog. In the bar every night, boaters' entertainment and quiz (in which we did not come last) on Sunday, dinner with Annie and Colin on Eli on Monday, learning to handle ropes, and re-learning how to splice courtesy of Nick Wolfe, and of course, best of all, sharing Blossom's wonderful news. More of all of this anon on a quiet news day.

We reluctantly left the museum at 8.30 this morning, and it has been a rather trying day, as apparently a pound up here on the Shroppie was drained last night and BW had, they claimed, been running water down all day to refill it. Must have been coincidence that after I rang them it suddenlt started filling up a lot faster. In the meantime we had pointlessly, as it tured out, jettisoned a good proportion of our fresh water. Still, it's good to know we can lose a ton or so from the back end when we need to.

Can't say what a lovely time I had at the Port; in some, indefinable, ways, a better event than Braunston - more compact, very informal (to the extent that half the time we had no idea what was going on) and in such a lovely setting. Add to that, atypically sunny weather (although it has been sunny every one of the three Easters I've visited, which when I've gone elsewhere, it's snowed) and it was a fantastic holiday.

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  1. Nice to see a positive comment about Ellemere Port. I have read some pretty snobby comments from narrow boat bloggers oover the years. I think some of then still wet the bed!