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Thursday 21 April 2011

Back at the Port

Not like me I know to do two posts in a day - I like to eke them out - but here we are back at Ellesmere Port, a week after we left. We arrived at about four (so that's a six hour journey this time, but an uneventful one). Clair on Plover had phoned just before we left the house to ask if we wanted them to start moving Chertsey up to the top basin, so we said yes please, and when we arrived it was waiting by the floating bridge and half an hour after arriving we were taking Chertsey through, the first boat into the top basin and right at the end next to the wooden boats - the pumps can lull us to sleep all night. It's a lovely spot with a great view over the lower basin, where there was much frolocking earlier, but we up here, with Laura and Peter on Stanton have been very staid.
We both have solar water heating systems to test, and they are all filled up and ready. And we have done our brass, of course, and eaten our tinned curry, and hopefully are all set for tomorrow.

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