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Sunday 14 February 2010

Warrior latest

My first post about Warrior this year, and the first post on this blog to be tagged 'Warrior'. How can this be? Well, I haven't set eye or foot on Warrior since I waved Jim off from Stretton following its blacking back in October (indeed, until last week I'd not been back to Chertsey since then either). Jim has been over to Bill Fen a couple of times though to keep an eye on things and meet up with Moomin, and returned last week with the news that the start battery is knackered, which is a bit of a shame but not the end of the world. It's done four years service so things could be worse.

All we have to do now is find a new one before Easter, because at Easter we will be off on our Warrior travels again. Yes, we are finally getting our act together to go back out onto the Great Ouse and thence into Cambridge, in convoy with the Moomins, and meeting up with the Ducks - on their new city centre mooring! - and their friends, and hopefully also the instant friends we made when we were last there in 2007.

I'm a bit torn, as really I should be spending Easter at the HNBOC gathering in Coventry, or up at Ellesmere Port, poring over other people's wooden gunnels and asking them where they got their cloths made, but after the long cold winter, who could resist a bit of spring boating (just hope it doesn't snow at Easter again like it has in previous years).


  1. Three cheers to you! I have been following your exploits since you bought her. As the ex owner of two small woolwich boats I have a very large place for them in my heart , although no longer in my bank balance. I shall pop back occasionally to visit.
    Best Regards Jeremy

  2. Another cheer from us too! We follow yours and several other heritage boat blogs with great interest.

    Keep the history going we say!

  3. Thanks Jeremy, and Mike and Chrissie, just spent far longer than I should have checking out your blog. Like your style!

  4. If Ikea doesn't get its corporate act together Melaleuca will still be kitchenless by Easter and the Moomins will be turning up each evening at your door, pale and underfed, begging for scraps.

  5. I shall stock up on lentils then. The Ducks still remember my lentil curry.

  6. Ooh, that was a good curry! Looking forward to seeing you all, even if it does mean forgoing Ellesmere!

  7. SUrely a lack of kitchen is just an excuse to go to the pub and have CHIPS instead?

    Definitely looking forwards to it.

  8. Panic over (maybe) Ikea doing a special delivery on the 27th of February.


  9. Ah, but you still have to fit it together...