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Saturday 23 March 2013

Plaque panels

This area, on the starboard side just inside Chertsey's back doors, has needed attention ever since we bought the boat. The graining was flaking of, and, unlike that on the doors (by Ian Kemp) the painting wasn't really of a standard worth saving. Normally, I'll save anything if I can, but I had a better idea for these panels.

Chertsey came with a very small collection - four, to be precise - of rally plaques, dating from between 1970 and 1981. They are going to be displayed in the lower section. At the top will go my big, heavy NBOC plaque. Following the earlier name change from  Narrow Boat Owners Club to Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club, the plaque wasn't changed (I suppose it was hard to fit in an extra letter); however, following the recent change to Historic Narrrow Boat Club, a new batch of plaques, reading HNBC, have been ordered. Naturally I snapped up one of the old ones while I could and it will have pride of place here.

The plaques will be mounted onto a crimson background, while the framing will be cream, to match the back doors. Many thanks to Jim of course for painting it in my absence.

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