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Sunday 19 February 2012

Someone replace the blogroll

I've just had a bit of an overhaul here on the blog. The biggest difference is that I've added a blogroll of the blogs I like to read, so that I can see when they've updated (RSS? Nah.) I held off doing this before for the most venal of reasons - I didn't want to encourage you to click on someone else's blog and push it up the charts past Chertsey. But of course I'm not that petty...

Most of them are boat blogs, with a few additions, some of which were previously on the links list. Diamond Geezer will stay sitting on the bottom I fear, as he doesn't have the right sort of feed to show when it's been updated, but he posts every morning and you should read him. I have also added James Ward's 'I like boring things' because there is something wonderful about finding interest in apparently mundane things like modular buildings.

The old boat blog list remains the same, and the non-blog links. Meanwhile, Zulu Warrior will now slip down the charts as I will no longer be checking its extensive blogroll each day...


  1. Sarah,
    Honoured to be included - and not just for the extra traffic I'll get!

  2. Glad to be included too! And I agree, both Diamond Geezer and the Boring Things blog are great - I learn so much from DG about London and James Ward never fails to interest me with his supposedly boring things!

  3. Have no fear, I read your blog all the time and love it, not commented hello x

  4. ha - JW was a friend of an acquaintance a few years ago (probably still is), always strange to see him & similar people pop up all over the internet.

    Honoured to be included, despite me hardly ever posting, rarely even about boats...