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Thursday 15 July 2010

Why do I find this depressing?

It's good news surely that a large Woolwich motor boat that had been on the market for some time should not only have found new owners, but has been made available for the public to experience and enjoy... Yes, Hawkesbury. When I spotted it last year it had just been bought by Birmingham & Midland and the steerer told me that they were planning to use it for training and private charters. It's a good idea; the 'skipper' can live in slendid isolation in the back cabin and so not pollute the guests with his presence, and up to four people get to live in the 'tasteful' conversion. During their day or week long trip they can do as much or as little as they like (as we say on Tarporley, meaning within reason, of course). Prices range from £1130 to £1400 for four people for a week - not cheap, but not unreasonable compared to a hotel boat or hiring.

After seeing them last year, I didn't give it much more thought until last week, when I picked up a leaflet in the Swan at Fradley. Parts of it I admit did make me shriek - for example: Unlike modern, lightweight narrowboats, Hawkesbury does not have the benefit of responsive handling.... Either that's a foul slur, or they should get the steering sorted out.

But what really depressed me was when I looked at the website and saw it advertised thus: Bespoke Executive Solutions Ltd are expanding their narrowboating portfolio....


  1. What's even worse is, in typical 'executive' fashion, they can't spell either:

    "'Bespoke Executive Solutions Ltd' are expanding their narrowboating portfolio and are now also operating confortable 'Skippered charters' utilising our tastefully converted, 1930's, working boat."


  2. Yes, what a load of pretentious toss. See they talk about stopping up to visit stately homes and castles. How come I just get to visit charity shops, market stalls and village churches on my canal wandering? Looks like I need an Executive Solution!

  3. It's depressing that people really write like that - but perhaps it is just a cynical ploy to reach their target audience (who write, think and speak like that).

    Carrie, looks like you need:
    I've started thinking I could be a contributor!