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Sunday 4 July 2010

And two for the album

I managed to add a grand total of two previously unspotted 'Town Class' boats to my album at Braunston: Fenny and Stratford. I didn't find anything out about Fenny, but I gather that Stratford represents the beginnings of a new coal business, and the photo is of it being loaded from Archimedes and Ara before departing for Warwickshire. I am also kicking myself for not taking a photo of Aldgate (again); I've seen it so many times I never remember I haven't got a picture yet!

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  1. Dear Sarah, here a 'Hello' from the Dutch couple Martin & Adriana! Many thanks again that we were able to enjoy the Braunston Rally 2010 while boating with you, Jim, Keith, Nessa, Richard, David, Hillary and others on Chertsey. Actually very funny to see yourself back on You Tube....but the one made while you steered Chersey perfectly around the corner, acompanied by beautiful oldfashioned music coming from NB Dove, was the cherry on the cake:-). Sorry to hear that you haven't got many pictures, I've got many! incl. 2 or 3 short films made with a photocamera. If you send a (post)address to our email: we will send you a CD if you like.
    Hope you had some 'me'time alone on Chertsey after your busy week in Braunston. Hope to see you at Braunston 2011!
    Greetings, Martin & Adriana