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Sunday 24 July 2016

Maintenance boat

Day 1
Alvecote to an embankment between Ansty and Brinklow
9 1/2 hours

Just going to try to blog the basics each day then catch up with photos etc on my return.
Last night celebrated my forthcoming birthday in the Samuel Barlow with the crew of Princess Lucy, including Rocky's best friend Mr Jones. Got some lovely presents including some super crochet lace which apparently won't suit Princess Lucy mark II but will be fabulous in Chertsey's redecorated cabin.
We left Alvecote just before nine, slightly delayed by my going for a run in the woods and losing my BW key, meaning I couldn't get back to the boat.
Atherstone locks were a pleasure, for which I volunteered, so that my locking quota will be met before we hit the GU :-) Three volunteer lockies were if the helpful variety and made the task easier. We were able to help them out too by providing a platform from which to repair a walkway on one of the gates.
I steered round Hawkesbury Junction with two reverses and NO TOUCHING!! Not even in the bridgehole where I often manage to get myself in a mess.
Aiming for Braunston tomorrow, hopefully in time to replace the key, and maybe another birthday dinner at the Nelson.

Location:M6,Coventry,United Kingdom

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  1. Congratulations on (hopefully!) achieving another birthday, although if you get at least two birthday meals out of it I can see the need for the running bit :-)
    I'm glad the trip is seen as justifying new blog entries; I still have Chertsey as my 'first' canal blog visit of the day, even if recently it's main attraction has been to use 'Ye Blogroll' as my lead in to others I follow.
    Best Wishes, David.