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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Light not so fantastic

Day 3, Braunston to Buckby bottom, 4 hours.

You will notice that we have not moved far today. The lovely new old headlight which was working three days ago at Alvecote clearly took exception to the journey, because when we tested it on returning from our skittles lesson last night, it wasn't. So this morning was spent firstly on a fruitless search for a replacement bulb, and then on fitting another new cheap temporary replacement headlamp, all the previous cheap temporary replacement headlamps having somehow been taken home. Finally thus armed, we set off at half past three. Came down Buckby with a very nice - and, more importantly, very efficient - couple on a 1978 Denis Cooper boat which I didn't get the name of, that they'd had for 23 years, and decided to call it a day at the bottom, still in time to have some tea. Despite the setback we are still almost on course of our Canalplan itinerary which put us at Stowe Hill tonight.

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