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Thursday 28 July 2016

Good long day

Day 5, Cosgrove to Slapton, nearly 11 hours.

As I sit writing this with my feet in a basin of warm and increasingly filthy water, I apologise for the lack of scintillating wit, and possibly even interest, in these posts - a log in the truest sense, a simple record of events, but it's all that I and the phone are up to at the end of the day.

Today we are back on our rather pointless Canalplan schedule - pointless because it will get us to the bottom of the Basingstoke by Wednesday and we're not booked through the lock until Friday, but it makes us feel better.

As we set off this morning we were joined in Cosgrove lock by Renfrew, who are also en route to Woking. They stopped for shopping but are fully expected to overtake us tomorrow.

We met a variety of other nice people today, and no unpleasant ones, which contributed to it being a good day. Also there was a lot of good boating. I'd been expecting wall to wall moored boats and widebeam a but apparently that's tomorrow :-) There were enough to be going on with but lots of lovely stretched too without another boat in sight.

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