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Monday, 6 June 2016

Three out of three

Well, good old Blogpress seems to think we're in Burton but actually we're at Fradley Junction, just on the Coventry.
Where this evening I completed a hat trick of perfect turns - perfect meaning not hitting , no, not even touching, anything. I don't set my sights too high. I had to reverse - just the once - for the acute left out of Cut End - can you get 72' out of there without? But I got the stern end within four inches of the concrete and didn't touch it. Out of Great Haywood without even reversing... And a touch of reverse at Fradley only because there was a josher coming out.
It's been another good day's boating, with fabulous weather once more, contrary to the doom and gloom of the forecast. Less than a day to go now, if all goes smoothly tomorrow.
On our many journeys this way, I have amused myself by memorising the licks on the S&W to the tune of Cwm Rhondda:
Gailey, Brick Kiln, Boggs, Rodbaston
Otherton, Filance, Penkridge
Longford, Park Gate, Shutt Hill, Deptmore
Tixall Lock and Tixall Wide
Great Haywood, Great Haywood
We shall pass this way no more
(No more)
We shall pass this way no more.

Unless we want to go to Stourport, that is.

Location:Burton upon Trent,United Kingdom


  1. .... did you really do that run on a day ?? Shame I missed you as I will be Percy later today - seems I am missing all the bloggers passing through Fradley this year.

  2. No, Stretton to Shutt Hill on day one (nine and a half hours), then to Fradley on day two (ten hours). Day three six and a bit hours to here....