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Friday, 11 July 2014

Tonight's view from the stern end

In Worcester, showing the fenders not yet properly replaced following their forced rearrangement on the Lower Avon.

Worcester also has good charity shops.

I had not expected to like the Severn - even Nicholsons, which likes everything, describes it as featureless. But, so far at least, it has charmed me. It helps that it is wide, so the ubiquitous trees are not overwhelming. It has flowers, relieving the monochrome verdancy, even if they are mostly the hated interloping Himalayan balsam.

It even has some aggregate traffic (I'm told that this has now ceased on the Trent).

So the Severn, so far, is a hit. If there is a pattern emerging regarding my riparian preferences, it seems to be that I like 'em wide.

Onwards to Stourport tomorrow and all being right with the world, supper in the Holly Bush.

Oh, and here's last night's view (possibly this morning's)

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  1. I like Himalayan Balsam. The eco-opinionated might class it as an invader, but I can remember popping the seed pods while walking along the banks River Coquet from Warkworth Castle as a very small Moomin. Anything that integrated into early memory is part of the natural order as far as I'm concerned. Plus it looks and smells nice.

    You really should visit the Weaver. It would fit your riparian preferences and taste for decayed industry.