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Friday 17 May 2013

Ready for the off

At long last (can it really be the first time since August), we are going boating again, and I am writing this in Chertsey's back cabin, all cleaned and polished and stocked with provisions.

Tomorrow will begin with the traditional ordeal of winding, in a winding hole that is only just wide enough and only just deep enough, but, on the plus side, is right next to the mooring. Even if we return from, say, Stourport or Wheaton Aston, we can't tie up facing towards Autherley, as the mooring is only deep enough for the deepest bit of the boat at one end.

As I am sure I have mentioned, we are off to Langley Mill, for the first phase of our now somewhat more epic and somewhat less round trip, as we are now going to take in the IWA National at Cassiobury Park instead of Cropredy (Baz 'n' Iz are still going to the Cropredy festivay, but have inexplicably elected to camp rather than boat). This outing should take ten days in total, and then we'll be leaving Chertsey at Langley Mill until it's time to proceed to Braunston.

And I really will try (signal permitting) to keep the web log up to date...

Tonight we are off to have dinner at the Bell Inn, better known as the Noted Ham 'n' Eggery. Easily the nearest pub to the mooring, within easy walking distance if you're prepared to take your life in your hands on the A5, but I had never got around to visiting it until last winter, when Mike and I walked there in the snow - and Jim didn't set foot inside until last week. The fact that we are returning so soon tells you that we were pretty impressed - particularly last week. Good food (albeit not a great place for veggies) and excellent young staff. Let's hope it's as good tonight to get the trip off to a good start.

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  1. We go there regularly (too regularly). It's always very good and a bit too convenient being just around the corner.