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Friday 24 May 2013

Individual stringettes

Today it continued cold and rainy, but with added wind. Nonetheless, in preparation for the removal of all the topcloths, and the rolling up of the sidecloths, which we haven't so far done, we prepared a number (about 34; I lost count) of individual stringettes which are to be stapled to the gunnel and can then be run through the ring and ties back on themselves tonhold the rolled sidecloths neatly. I doubt if this is the traditional way of doing it, but it seems to work.

Not wishing to backsplice sixty eight ends (and not having had the time, even if I was mad enough to wish to) we took advantage of Hempex's synthetic nature and heat sealed them. Jim bought a lighter for the purpose but we discovered that it was quicker and easier doing them on tne Beatrice, as that way we could each do two ends at a time. Except even under the cloths the stove kept blowing out in the wind.

Then I used the remaining Hempex, a couple of old tablecloths, and some gaffer tape to make some not very good bunting for tomorrow. I really will get round to doing it properly one day.

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