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Saturday 11 May 2013


On Friday I drove down from Sheffield to Stretton in my beloved Bluebird, who now resides there with me, then today Jim and I motored three quarters of the way back, and then beck to Stretton again, and tomorrow I shall go all the way back again. Today's journey was to a HNBC committee meeting. They can be lengthy affairs, punctuated in some cases, like today's, with a pub lunch - but things are improving! We started at eleven rather than ten, were finished by five, and - this is the best bit - make quite a few decisions.

Clearly, this doesn't sound like the most effective way of running a committee, but it is all rather enjoyable... a few hours spent discussing matters of mutual interest in the company of like minded people - what could be nicer. So there isn't really any hurry to get through the business.

Why, you may ask, did I bother coming all the way back to Stretton when I was so much nearer the meeting in Sheffield? Well, it's less than a week now until we leave for the Erewash, and a great deal of stuff has to be removed from Chertsey's hold so that the brass band can be fitted in, and that's much easier with two people. By tomorrow it should all have been transferred to Bakewell, temporarily.

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