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Saturday 30 June 2012

Scrubbing up

Braunston Bash 2012 Day 15
Wolverhampton Lock 17 to Stretton

Less than half a day really; an early start had us home by ten, with the rest of the day free for scrubbing out Chertsey's back cabin (god it was frowsty) and then scrubbing myself, because, guess what, the Social Event is tonight after all! It is Bill's (of Shilling) seventy fifth birthday and we are celebrating at the Hartley Arms. I shall wear my new two tone blue hippy dress with the silver block print which I bought at Braunston (have to get at least one new hippy garment per festival) and we have found him a super little present.

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  1. Bill found his present to be wonderful and has a place chosen at home to hang this beautiful plate. His birthday was happily celebrated in the good company of Sarah and Jim and our granddaughter, Katherine. The celebration was extended the next day by an excursion to a transport cafe courtesy of S and J. The all day breakfast was Katherine's introduction to black pudding. Hurrah for our cross cultural guides!