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Thursday 28 June 2012

From Braunston to Birmingham

Braunston Bash 2012
Day 7 - Braunston
Day 8 - Braunston
Day 9 - Braunston
Day 10 - Braunston to Long Itchington
Day 11 - Long Itchington to Warwick
Day 12 - Warwick to Top of Lapworth
Day 13 - Top of Lapworth to Birmingham

Dear dear me. A whole week without an update, so obviously far too much to catch up with now, even though the night is young, Brum is buzzing, and I'm locked in the back cabin with a cat whose rather over enthusiastic exploration of the outside structural features of bridges means he can't really be let out on his own. Chieftiff on Canalworld posted an absolutely fantastic photo of said cat at Braunston, but it seems to have disappeared.

We agreed to leave Braunston with Herbie in order to share the joy of Hatton with them, which worked out well. Read all about it on Herbie's blog; Neil's account cannot be bettered. Having done Hatton and left the Herbies to a leisurely lunch, we proceeded up the Lapworth locks, thus covering 39 locks in the day. None today on the other hand, as we made our way into Birmingham.

The Braunston weekend was good, in the end, though it started a bit sad and grey. It did feel like a depleted event and the weather joined in in sympathy. Sunday was better though as the sun shone. The parade was over in an hour, for us at least, and while five hours might seem a bit excessive, one does feel like being short changed. What's more, there was no souvenir keyring! The last two years we have been presented with a cast brass commemorative key fob, which can be affixed to the wall as a small plaque. I have 2010 and 2011 displayed proudly in the cabin, but it seems there will be no 2012 to join them.

As always though the weekend was excellent socially, and we met many new people and got to know other acquaintances better. Highlights included a trip to the pub on Sickle on Saturday night, and another on Reginald on Sunday.


  1. You will have passed Jubilee opposite Lyon's Boatyard just before Brandwood Tunnel - although there's still no signwriting so you wouldn't have known.

    Did you see the photos of Chertsey at Braunston on my blog?

  2. Was the "Braunston Marina" mug,and the complementary copy of "Canal and Riverboat" not sufficient recompense for not getting a brass key-fob then ?

    This was only our second "Braunston" with a boat, our only other being last year's with the record "100 plus" boats attending. I have to say I much preferred this year, (even though we "broke" Sickle!). But maybe that's because I would feel less short-changed by a parade only taking an hour, than last year when we hung around all Saturday, and never moved the boat at all, due to the chaos. I also think this is kinder on those who just want to boat through Braunston, and not be held up many hours. Regular repeats of last year, I think bring too much bad press.

    I thought when you did that bit of the GU you wanted it to be as part of tackling the whole of Birmingham to London - perhaps I misunderstood, but surprised you headed that way.

    How do you get on with "Chertsey" on the Northern Stratford ? We felt we ploughed the bottom there more than on any other canal yet visited with our little tug - perhaps we created a channel for others!

  3. Halfie - we did indeed see Jubilee. Whenever I see a boat without signwriting I try to get a look at the licence. Could just make out the name, two smiling young people on board, BCF stickers, and the boat looked right, so it was with a degree of confidence that I said to Jim 'I think that's Halfie's new boat!' We also passed Shadow on our way down to Braunston, still advertising a share for sale.

    Alan - yes, the top of the Stratford was a bit choggy, as have been parts of the W&B, but as nothing compared to the Chesterfield last year!