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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A day of deco and decor

Today started with a trip to Cannock. I picked up some lace to finish the new curtains, but the main point of the outing was to visit a pub (no, surely not). Ah, but not just any pub. When we were in Stourport, the manager of the wonderful Hollybush told us that Black Country Ales had just taken ove a pub in Cannock. We passed an empty pub every week on the way to Asda, but couldn't imagine that that one, a grim looking 1930s estate type pub in a rough looking area, could possibly be transformed into a nice real ale pub - but it was indeed the Crystal Fountain, which turns out to have a rather interesting history and a bit of a reputation to shake off... But far more importantly, has a Grade II listed Art Deco interior, so giving us two reasons for visiting (a third being to download a job application form onto the laptop). It was very impressive, masses of oak panelling and leather banquettes, original loos and sympathetic light fittings etc. The new manager, Tracy, was happy to make us some lunchtime cheese and onion cobs and was very friendly and pleasant. The beer as you would expect was excellent and a good variety was available. I do hope they can make a success of it, but it will be quite a turnaround! Sadly I don't have any photos, and searching for them on the web only threw up the aforementioned news stories. But very definitely worth a visit, and unmissable if you're a 1930s fan.

This afternoon I finished and hung the new bed curtains - all part of the softer, more cosy look. All the new curtains are in place now but as I took the shelves down to do the painting it is still rather untidy.

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