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Wednesday 28 March 2012


Today we hung the washing out for the first time this year! I've been doing most of my stuff, with the exception of big heavy things like jeans, every week and hanging it in the bathroom to drip over the bath for a day, before transferring it to dry by the Squirrel - there is a hook in the ceiling for the multiple-peg-thing (aka the knickerhanger), and a coat hook behind the stove to hang things on hangers, or they can be draped over the hot water pipes. But today we had a proper line outdoors, because at last it is spring, and all my stuff was dry in time for Jim to wash some of his bits too, rather than taking them to the laundry in Shifnal (I don't care greatly for the laundry; they have to be told not to put fabric softener in with the towels, and it comes back smelling of Someone Else's washing powder, which I find disconcerting. There is a coin-op launderette near Dawn's hair salon in Cannock, which I might give a try when it comes to doing my jeans. But I've plenty of pairs to go yet.

I set out today to see if I could get some shorts, and was quite successful - one pair of Calvin Klein denim ones in Age UK, unbelievably, size 8 (they must be very generous), and some in Asda, boys age 11-12. Kids must be getting fatter. So that should ensure a cold snap for Easter.

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