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Friday 4 March 2011

Beer I drank in February

Once again inspired, briefly, by Diamond Geezer's February count, I kept track of all the beer I drank during the month of February. I may even continue to do this, provided it doesn't make me look too much of a hopeless pisshead. There was only one visit to a pub (one! in a whole month!) so most of this was bottles, drunk either with my supper, or as a treat on arriving home after work.

The grand total for February is three pints of draft, and seven and a half litres (i.e. fifteen bottles) of the bottled stuff. Broken down and reviewed as follows:

Draft: Three pints of Harveys Sussex Best Bitter, in the course of researching potential venues for a Canalworld Banter (of which more later). One in the King's Head, Lewes, and the rest over supper in the Hope Inn, Newhaven - our ultimate choice.

5 x Marstons Old Empire - This is my current favourite, strong and very hoppy. I think I'm becoming a bit if a fan of IPA in general, and this one in particular.
3 x St Peters Organic Ale - Very pleasant this; I noticed a slightly smokey finish (poser alert!!) the last time I had it. Chosen, as is so often the case, because it was on special offer in Sainsbury's.
2 x Bath Ales Barnstormer - Another Sainsbury's offer, not really my cup of tea - dark and a bit sweet and syrupy for my taste.
2 x Shepherd Neame Spitfire - My selection from the range of two available in the Whistlestop shop at Victoria Station (the other one being Speckled Hen at an even more inflated price) when I can't wait until I get home for my reward.
1 x Sainsbury's IPA - Disappointing, not much flavour.
1 x Sainsbury's Kentish Ale - Made by Shepherd Neame, not bad, but I wouldn't crawl over other stuff to get to it.
1 x Shepherd Neame Masterbrew - Naff name, 99p in Lidl, but not at all bad in fact. Have bought another case of eight bottles for the beer cupboard (yes, I thought that was a funny size case too).

Whilst on the subject of comestibles, may I commend another blog and associated website to you: Tam and Di Murrell, who having run a narrow boat pair in the seventies, now have a barge in France, where they train other people on the art of having a barge in France whilst thoroughly enjoying lots of food and wine, and write about all of it beautifully. I can't give links to particular pages, but do go and have a browse, especially for the 'Good Old Days' post (October 14th) and the recipes.


  1. Ha! Not sure I remember seeing a 'Books I read in February' and now I know why!

  2. better hope I have some homebrew on board if I meat up with Chertsey

  3. Come over to Alton at the Port at Easter, we'll have a few bottles of Bollington beers (one of our local breweries) on board for you to sample.

    Cheers, Brian

  4. Ooh, will do Brian.
    And when will I get to meet up with Halsall?