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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Of course we did

It took us until gone one o'clock, and a new battery, but we did get away in the end. Three and a half hours (sorry Blossom!) haven't got us quite as far as Great Haywood though, bad light stopped play just short of bridge 70. Hopefully tomorrow will be OK... we have wrapped the engine up warm and the battery too to give them their best shot, but a lot of the problem this morning was all the diesel having drained down, and we don't have a priming tool for this like we do for Warrior's National.

This afternoon's boating was divine. The ice was already broken (thanks Adam) so we just had the pleasure of moving the pieces about. The sun was bright and the powdery snow mostly untouched, white and perfect. The picture is of before we left this morning... no sad farewell, we were just so pleased to be on our way, and having had a look at the new mooring yesterday, excited about getting there. A way to go yet, but all being well... we really will be off first thing in the morning.


  1. Good luck and take it steady in the ice. I expect Waterlily's batteries to be a little sad when we get to her in the morning,


  2. Cold weather affects (lowers) the amount of energy contained in a battery, and sitting on a steel plate (or a concrete garage floor) in freezing conditions really draws the heat out of a battery, so here's a tip.
    Stand the battery on a slab of expanded polystyrene, at least an 1", preferably 2".
    Even better if you build sides etc, but if you were fully prepared you'd be perfect, and no one's that, so just a poly base plate for maximum gain and minimum effort :-)
    A piece of wood, blocked off the floor is an alternative, if it's all you have got to hand, but the insulation is better.

    Enjoy your day, and the achievement of the journey.