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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Beery backlash

Reading Pete Brown's latest excellent post has reminded me of a fleeting feeling I had before Christmas, which is on course to firm up into a niggling dissatisfaction. Our works Christmas outing took us for a pre-prandial drink at a popular local hostelry where they had at least half a dozen cask ales on (I fear it was at least in part out of deference to my tastes that the place was chosen). The range was dominated by IPAs (and a pale Christmas ale - a novelty too far, you might think). Now I am a self confessed lover of IPA but there was nothing there to satisfy me. Why? Because my sudden realisation was that I want a proper English IPA that tastes of English hops, not one that has aromas of bleeding grapefruit and elderflower. Enough already with the New World hops. Give me fuggles and goldings, and lots of them.


  1. Sarah,
    I couldn't agree more. But don't forget, beer isn't just about hops. The malt is important too. It's not uncommon to find pubs with a plethora of hoppy, citrusy, grapefruity beers and nothing else.
    I often feel like asking: "Yes, but do you have any beer flavoured beer!"

  2. Hi Sarah you left a comment on Pete Brown's blog about raspberry sauce that I'd love to quote in something I'm writing. Could you let me know if you'd be happy for me to do this? My email address is Sarah Hyndman.