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Monday, 2 June 2014

Random record

Randomness is a great aid when one is paralysed by trivial choices. I often enlist an online random number generator to, for example, choose which CD to put on. The day before yesterday it selected the Tom Robinson Band compilation 'Winter of 89' which I'd almost forgotten I had. Being a rather old and probably inferior CD, it skipped alarmingly on 'Atmospherics' but other than that it was a lovely bit of time travel back to my not very misspent youth (although I did miss the last train home after going to the TRB 10th anniversary reunion at the 100 Club in 1987 and ended up rather embarassingly getting a lift home from Lewes in a police car). I still have the T-shirt!

Last night I enjoyed a compilation of Elizabethan anthems and organ music. However, the system cannot be relied on not to occasionally throw up some late Scott Walker, which as everyone knows, is only for decoration. Tonight I could be listening to 'The Drift', but despite having bought it when it came out, I haven't quite gathered the mental strength to actually play it yet.


  1. You mean you have your CDs numbered?!! That sounds like our son Richard who claims he has CDO, which is like OCD but with the letters in the right order.


  2. Ah, no. I have to count. Because they're in alphabetical order (by artist, and then chronologically within that), so I'd have to renumber them every time I got a new one. I only have eighty here at the moment though.

    There is something paradoxical about being labelled with a 'disorder' because you don't like things to be disordered.....

  3. Some of my CD's are in a box, some in a cupboard, a fair few on the window sill and a bunch in the car.... Does even hearing that make you twitchy?

  4. No, quite envious actually.