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Monday, 30 June 2014

Very quick update

Sorry for the silence... sometimes you just don't feel like getting the iPad out at the end (or even the middle) of the day. Had a lovely sunny relaxing weekend at Foxton last weekend, then a leisurely run to Braunston and a few more sunny daysnat Braunston before the weekend started. A lowish key Braunston. It rained heavily on Saturday and I got soaked in the parade. Yesterday was nicer, with the Herbies playing on the deck. We sought advice about getting to Stratford and have decided we have to try - lots of people want to know how we get on! So on Sunday we dropped thenplanks before the parade, put a ton of coal in the fore end during it, and have borrowed a blue barrel from Fenny. Last night we filled it and our tanks with water at Blue Lias, having left Braunston at 3.30.


  1. Sarah,

    I have 4 of the large blue barrels going spare if you need any on a permanent basis.

    They are currently in our garden, not on a boat, but if our paths are likely to cross again at any point in the year, they could probably be put back on the boat.

    Sorry I didn't actually get to talk to you. Funny old Braunston, and I'm afraid I eventually gave Mr Coglan a verbal mouthful about what I thought about being overwhelmed by the noise levels in the beer tent, particularly on Saturday evening. (A far bigger downside to me than the weather, frankly).

  2. Ooh yes please Alan.
    Fully agree about the beer tent - in fact we didn't even bother trying; went to the Nelson on Saturday night.
    Sorry not to have caught up with you two better.

  3. Sarah,
    Very welcome to any number of blue barrels (up to 4).
    However, due to a change of plan, "Sickle" is not likely to travel South again for some considerable weeks, so I can't see how to get them back on the boat in the foreseeable future.
    Currently in our garden, but just two fill up most of a large estate with the seats down, so moving them around really needs a dedicated trip when car not full of anything else.
    If either of you were passing anywhere near Herts with an empty Volvo, though.....