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Friday 31 January 2014

Resolution update

OK, how have I got on with my new year's resolutions so far? Let's have a blow by blow update on all five of them. The results may be surprising.

1. Not buying any clothes
So far, so good. I have not bought any clothes all month. I have seen maybe one thing that I would have bought, had it not been for the resolution, but mostly I am avoiding temptation by trying not to look.

2. Being vegan
The big success story, this, because it looks the hardest, but I haven't strayed once and am loving it. I will definitely aim to keep it up for another month now, and fully expect to do so for longer.

3. Not drinking beer in January
There was one glitch in this one, as we all went out mid month to celebrate a colleague's promotion at the Bath Hotel. However, I have drunk only two pints of beer (Brother Rabbit, IIRC) this month. I have to report that I have not experienced any beneficial effects from this abstemiousness, other than in my wallet and my recycling bin.

4. Reading classy books and not trashy detective novels
Better make this a month rather than year long one. I have read no detective novels in January, and have read quite a few Good Books, of which more later. But I miss those simple comforts, even though the more literary offerings can be rewarding.

5. Doing the cryptic crossword
This is looking like the big fail. After a couple of weeks I found that it just wasn't grabbing me any more and I have stopped attempting it. Some days I would get no clues, others up to a dozen, but all that struggling just wasn't interesting enough. I think I'm not really much of a one for puzzles full stop, much the same as I don't care for Airfix kits. They just don't seem productive ways of expending effort. I found it boring. Sorry.

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  1. Snap on the no alcohol in January thing.
    I mostly didn't find it a problem, and easily refused many at home drinking "opportunities".
    But with a couple of days to go, when Cath disappeared into a fabric shop in Wendover, leavin me outside on a chilly windy day with the dog, a walk up the road happened to find a pub that said "dogs welcome". So total for the month was a pint and a half of "Doombar".

    However I have set myself;lf no such targets for February, so after a couple of pints of "Tribute" with our meal in Marsworth, I'm now back on the boat with a nice glass of dry white beside my laptop!

    What is hacking me off slightly, is that with a month on (almost!) no alcohol, fairly sensible eating and with lots of dog walking, the pounds have not exactly fallen off me. Once that would have been enough for some quick weight loss, but no longer, it seems.