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Saturday 27 July 2013

We stop for now..

Return to Stretton
Day 6
Hawkesbury - Alvecote

Another eight hour day, again in hot sun. The weather has been fabulous for this trip, and in that regard at least it must rank as the best boating holiday ever.

We didn't go and see anywhere new ( though the lower GU was pretty unknown to me, and unexpectedly pleasant), but have had a very enjoyable time.

Tomorrow Jim returns to Penkridge by train, and I to Sheffield. We are still undecided whether to move Chertsey back to Stretton the weekend after next, or stay here and attend the Alvecote historic boat gathering in four weeks' time. After last year I thought it wasn't really my cup of tea, as itball got a bit rowdy, but there were plenty of good things too, not only the company, and a load of fantastically turned out boats, but the beer and the breakfasts to name but a few. So while I would't have travelled here just for the gathering, the possibility of attending on the way home is quite tempting.

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